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Out of State Buyer Information

Thank you for considering a purchase from Nelson RV. We respect, and will not betray, the confidence and trust you are putting in us through out the purchase process. Buyers from Alaska to Germany to Mexico, and many places in-between, have had excellent experiences buying from us!

The usually large supply of (mostly) rust free RV's in this area of the Country and our low overhead has the beneficial effect of allowing us to offer you quality RV's at low prices.

We strive to accommodate out of State buyers at all times. Be it a ride from the airport, making reservations or arranging transportation, we will help make your purchasing decision a good one!

Tax and Fees for Out of State Buyers

To help our Out of State buyers avoid paying more than their fair share of Taxes and Fees, we would like to inform you of the Laws and regulations we, as a Licensed and Bonded Dealership in Arizona, are bound by.


  • Out of State Buyer - A person who is not a resident of Arizona that provides a Drivers License from another State or Country at the time of purchase that does not intend to register the vehicle in Arizona within one year of being purchased, nor use the vehicle being purchased on a regular basis within Arizona.
  • Arizona State Sales Tax - A State and County fee totaling 7.1%
  • Arizona Lieu Tax - Also known as Plate fees. A personal property Tax based on the value of the item being purchased. Lieu tax provides the annual license plate stickers for vehicles registered in Arizona.
  • Processing Fee - Also known as a Documentation fee. An $150 charge to cover the cost of Non-Resident Drive Out Permits, forms, storage and other record keeping costs.
  • Motor Vehicle - Any motorhome, truck, car or van. Also any trailer or fifth wheel, unless a specific reference is made to being "self-propelled".
Sales Tax

Whether in Arizona or your home State, Sales Tax must be paid on every vehicle purchased by a consumer from a Dealer. We want to help you avoid paying too much Sales Tax. You should ensure your local laws do not supersede Arizona laws.

City Tax

State Sales Tax

There are three categories of State taxation for Non-residents: Exempt, Reduced and Full. These categories are specific to your State of residence. Please see Sales of Motor Vehicles to Nonresidents for the States offical information on this subject.

Exempt from State Tax
Arizona allows residents of a few specific states to sign an exemption certificate and a Non Resident affidavit to avoid paying Arizona State Sales Tax. These Buyers must pay Sales Tax in their State within 30 days.

The States eligible for exemption are: Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Virginia.

Reduced State Tax obligation
Arizona allows residents of a few specific states to complete an exemption certificate and a Non Resident affidavit allowing them to be taxed at the rate of their home State. These buyers will not have to pay any additional State Tax when the vehicle is registered in their home state.

The States eligible for reduced State Tax include: Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Wyoming.

Full State Tax obligation
All other out of State buyers are typically obligated to pay the full Arizona State Tax. This is because their States have a higher State Tax rate. The amount paid to the State of Arizona is applicable to your home State Tax obligation. You will not be double taxed.

Lieu Tax and Registration Fees

Lieu Tax and Registration Fees will not be collected from out of State buyers, unless the vehicle is being registered in Arizona.

Processing Fee

This mandatory fee is charged on all Vehicle Sales and is not taxable. 90 Day non-resident Drive Out Permits are available for $15 if necessary.

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